When Embroidery Is Not A Good Idea

Embroidered Monogram

Dispatch From Inside The House

Yup, still closed as of 4/22/2020. We don’t know how long that will last. Maybe some time in May? We’ll see how this thing goes.

When Embroidery Is Not A Good Idea

We’ve received a few calls regarding embroidery projects. Weddings, baby blankets, birthday presents, homemade masks, company logos. While we are (obviously) huge advocates for decorating or branding your items, now might not be a good time. As you can see from the picture, embroidery is the process of a needle putting LOTS of holes in fabric to create a pleasing and semi-permanent product. I don’t think that’s such a great idea right now.

Jane is the owner of Monograms by Jane. She is 78 and has rheumatoid arthritis. The medications she takes have compromised her immune system. Early on, we started limiting Jane’s outings and cleaning hard surfaces frequently. At one point, we hid her car keys, until my sons and I could get her to understand the danger of going out. After “escaping” one day, she came back from picking up a prescription and talked about empty shelves in Target. It became real for her, then. She has consented to staying at home. Don’t worry-She is being taken very good care of and well-supplied with groceries and other stuff.

Re-Opening Date?

With Gov. Polis’ announcement of retail businesses ability to re-open (4/21/2020), we are very nervous about this. To be blunt, we can’t guarantee that we aren’t spreading the virus. Nobody can. We can’t get tested. Neither can most of you.

We’ve been careful. We have quarantined anything coming into Jane’s house. We’ve wiped everything down with SO MUCH CLEANER, it is crazy! All of us are wearing handmade masks when we do go out. However, none of us can be sure that we aren’t a carrier.

I *am* working on a plan to re-open. We need to make up for lost revenue. I’d be lying if I said anything different. I’m going to see how the other retailers work it out and go from there. Once I have a better idea of how to work the “new normal”, I’ll let you know.

So, let’s all stay safe and just stay home, wash your hands and practice distancing ourselves from each other. Together (figuratively) we can save each other’s lives. Listen, the less you go out, the less you have to wash your hands. We call that a silver lining. Kinda.