What is a Monogram, Anyway?

What is a monogram anyway

Lemme tell you what a monogram is not

Occasionally, we get the strangest phone calls. No, not just surveys, or solicitors, or political fundraisers, (UGH!) or those of the creepy kind. Do any of those really work anymore? Sorry, got a little off track there.

The phone calls I’m talking about are these:
“Hi, I’d like to send a money-gram.” Um, nope. You need to call Western Union for that.
“Can you put lettering on a trophy?” No, that’s engraving on a metal object.

“I’m looking for somebody to put raised letters on my iPad cover.” Sorry, that’s embossing.
“I want my wedding date put on a glass jar.” That is called etching.

“Hi, I need to schedule a mammogram.” Boy, do you have the wrong number!

A monogram is defined as;

So, we thought that explaining what a monogram is might clear up some of the confusion. Here’s the definition we found on www.dictionary.com/monogram;

a design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combined or interlaced, commonly one’s initials, often printed on stationery, embroidered on clothing, etc.
a single emblematic or decorative letter; applied initial.

Oh, but a monogram can be so much more than that.
A monogram can be:
1. A way to label a possession, i.e.; a purse, a backpack, a towel, a shirt, a sweater
2. An opportunity to show someone that you care, by giving them a personalized gift, i.e.; wedding gifts, baby showers, birthday or holiday presents
3. A style of home décor, i.e.; towels, pillow covers, sheets
4. A fashion trend
5. A method of making a simple polo or T-shirt unique
A monogram is so much more than thread embroidered in a certain shape or order. It’s your personal “brand”. When you put a monogram on something, you make it your own.

Back in the day, cavemen decorated their clothing with beads, feathers, dyes and fur. It was a major effort to make simple clothing. By decorating their clothing, they demonstrated that they were well off. They had the time to do more than just hunting and gathering.