Design set-up starts at $25.00, which is a one-time fee and is payable in advance.

Embroidery starts at $10.00 per piece, and can go higher, depending on the size and stitch count.

If you would like more specific prices, please email a .jpg, .png or a .pdf of your artwork to info@monogramsbyjane.com and we can go from there.


Turn-around time is one week for design set-up.

Production time is also one week, unless you have more than 50 items.


One. Seriously.


An embroidered proof or sew-out is completed for each design we digitize. We can email you a picture of the proof, so that you can check sizes, thread colors and stitching quality. There is no additional charge for this service.


We don’t stock any items in inventory. Check out our catalog to see the many items we can order for you.


We are happy to embroider customer supplied items.  We do like to take a look at them to be sure they are low risk — stable fabrics work best.   Items that require more stitches, wording or special attention must be quoted upon seeing the item and learning more about your needs.


Since all our products are custom-made to your order specifications, they are not returnable unless we’ve made the mistake. Notification of a problem must be made within 7 business days.


We don’t and will never, share your personal customer information with anyone, EVER. We do not believe in it! You will never find yourself on some email list because of using this site.

We enjoy showing off your product and our craft to the world. It’s a great way to showcase our skills and send some of our followers and fans your way as well. We do this by taking photos and posting them online via social platforms, such as, but not limited to Facebook or Instagram. Please be sure to notify us when placing your order if you are not comfortable with us photographing and sharing your project socially. If you do not notify us, we will assume that we have your full permission to post photos of your items online.


We want to help our customers create items that are both professional and pretty to look at. We absolutely will not duplicate, embroider or vinyl any and all trademarked or copyrighted logos or designs. See our post-Here’s the thing about trademarked designs

Our customers have diverse viewpoints and perspectives, which are reflected in the designs they create, and we believe that we all must be tolerant of those with different views.

In rare cases, however, a design proposed by a customer may be offensive or threatening to others who see the design. We do not want to be affiliated with any and all racist, ethnic and sexual or gender discrimination of any kind. As such, we will not create anything that depicts those subjects.

We embroider or vinyl company logos.

We also make pretty things!

Thanks for visiting. We appreciate you taking the time to make it this far on this page.  If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 719-591-6151 or send us an email-info@monogramsbyjane.com.

As an added bonus, we made this cute kitty design for you.

CUTE-KITTY-EMBROIDERY DESIGN | www.monogramsbyjane.com