Services We Offer

Well hello there! If you’re here, then I’m guessing you’re most likely a:
Small business owner, looking for info about company logos and/or uniforms;
• Club President, thinking about having custom patches made;
• Team Mom, searching for answers about uniforms or to show team spirit;
• Very smart individual, who needs an item decorated or personalized;
• Slightly confused person, wondering what the heck a monogram is.
The good news is that you are in the right place to get filled in on all of those areas.

Free Quotes

Give us a call or send your design/logo and we will give you a free quote for set-up and/or "per piece" prices.

Company Logo Embroidery

Logo apparel and promotional items are a great way to promote your business. We can offer you the perfect solution for your business when you need lower volume embroidery and do not want to commit to high minimums. Simply provide us with an image of your logo, and we can have it digitized (1x cost starting at $25). We can then keep it on file for all your future needs. Call, email, or bring your ideas in to discuss them with us. We help small businesses look bigger and all businesses look better.

Custom Patches

Do you have a club and want a small set of patches? Don't want to order 100 as a minimum? We can help you with that. We manufacture ALL of our custom patches in house. Sizes, shapes and colors are no problem. Bring in your artwork or ideas and we can discuss your project.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sometimes, embroidery isn't possible. Either because of placement or just too expensive due to size or stitch count. Consider doing your design in vinyl.

In-House Digitizing

We do all of our own design set-up. No middle-men, no overseas digitizers. We feel this gives us more control over the quality and turn-around time.

Customer Supplied Items

We are happy to embroider customer supplied items. We do like to take a look at them to be sure they are low risk -- stable fabrics work best. Embroidery on customer supplied items start at $10 for a basic, standard size name or monogram. Items that require more stitches, wording or special attention must be quoted upon seeing the item and learning more about your needs.

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If you have an issue with something we have done for you, please contact us directly by email at We would like to address your concern and see what we can do to make you satisfied with our service.