Embroidery Removal for the Curious

Have You Ever Wondered If Embroidery Could Be Removed?

Embroidery removal IS possible. Well, most of the time. It depends on the item and the placement of the embroidery. Removal depends on the type of garment and the state of the embroidery. Does the design have multiple colors or layers? What does the backing material look like? Each of these things can affect the removal process.

Does one of these scenarios apply to your item?

  • You used to work for a company, have a nice piece of clothing, but don’t necessarily want to “advertise” for them any longer.
  • You purchased a really nice used designer bag on Ebay or Craigslist, but it has somebody else’s monogram on it.
  • You belong to a club or civic organization, and, through no fault of your own, the club name becomes “problematic”.
  • You’ve bought something online with an embroidered name or a monogram and they spelled it wrong or put an incorrect date.
  • You got married/divorced and now your name has changed.
  • You have an embroidery business and make a mistake and need to fix that thing fast! Y’know, stuff happens.Collar OOPS


What Do You Do Now?

We understand the struggle. Do you just donate it? Throw it away? Live with the mistake? Explain that it’s not your fault? What the heck?! That thing was expensive, or your favorite, or maybe it took a long time to find.

Well, you can bring it to us and let us take a look. Once we see the state of the embroidery and the item, we can tell you whether the design or lettering can be removed. If not, there’s always the chance to cover it up with a patch. Sounds “hinky”, but, really, it IS another option.

Seeing It Is Believing It

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about. The shirt fell out of the hoop as it was sewing. It wasn’t caught in time, so the logo had to be removed and replaced. 

That can't be good!
Embroidered logo being removed
In process of removing the embroidery
Shirt ready for new embroidery
Starting over with minimal "shadow"
Clean Sweep embroidered logo re-do
Now, that's what I like to see

Listen, everybody makes mistakes.

Back in the day, we used seam rippers and razor blades to remove them. Ugh, the thought of doing it that way still gives me the chills. So much damage can be done using those items. Don’t do it! Consider bringing your items to us. We have the expertise to remove embroidery safely and with minimal harm.

Most of the time, embroidery can be removed. We recommend that something else be placed over the “shadow” that remains. We can cover it up with another design or monogram. An embroidered patch is a possibility. (Yes, we are biased.) A vinyl design or lettering is another solution. It will depend on the size and stability of the material.

If this is something you might be interested in exploring, give us a call at 719-591-6151. Once we assess the item, we can give you a definitive answer about the removal process, cost and turn-around time.

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