Back-To-School Time Again

WHAT? Already?

Yes, it is that time again. Lists of school supplies, school clothes/uniforms, new shoes, lunch bags, it just goes on and on. OMG, can you believe the amount of things students need for a new school year? Those stressful days are over for us. But, we do feel your pain.

One of the things we can help you with is putting your child’s name on their backpack or lunch bag. Embroidered names will usually outlast the backpack or bag. Or, if you’re concerned about having their name prominently displayed, we can always place a 3-letter monogram on them. The backpack, not your kid!

Here a few examples of some items we have personalized.

Our turn-around time is usually one week. The cost for a 1-inch embroidered name starts at $10.00. A 3-inch 3-letter monogram starts at $10.00, also. If we can’t get your item in a hoop to embroider, there are other options. We can make a patch and sew it on. Or, we can personalize it with vinyl. Costs for that option are similar.

Here’s an picture of the vinyl option. How adorable is this? She definitely made a “splash” at her new school, her mom told us later.

Hot pink vinyl on flower backpack

If you are looking for embroidered logos for school uniforms, we also have a few on file. Contact us at 719-591-6151 for that information.

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